Early Travels 2

First Time is going to be a challenge:

I’m taking my little camper on its first real trip and I could have chosen no worse weather for where I’m going. I’m off to St. Louis again via Memphis. It is the first weekend in December and winter has decided to visit these same cities at the same time. I’ll be setting the camper up in cold rain. I’m thinking about shifting my reservation forward a day if possible to avoid next Thursday’s 24 degree snow day in St. Louis. Although I’m from Georgia, I do pretty good with snow. I just don’t want the first major towing of my little camper to be complicated by slick roads.

Why go this week? My sister-in-law, Lynn Pate is preforming in this awesome choir event and I want to be there. I am staying at the KOA campground on “Historic Route 66.” And though it will likely rain my whole visit, I plan to savor the fact that I’m on “America’s Mainstreet.”

Memphis is included because I can’t visit my sister too much. I’ll be delivering Christmas presents. That makes sense because my sister said my beard made me look like I was trying to look like Santa.

I’ll try to post from the trip. Till then I remain:

Bill, Greybeard The Traveler, seeker of wisdom and good stories.


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