Early Travels: One

As things changed this past Spring, I found myself thrust into a place where I needed to travel. Within a month of my wife’s passing, her brother-in-law faced the amputation of his leg due to an acute resistant bone infection. He and Judy’s sister live in St. Louis and their families live in Texas and Georgia respectively. Off I go to get to the hospital the night before a Sunday surgery. While there I learn that my step-sister was in the hospital in Metro-Memphis. I went by there on my way home and discovered she would be honored by her church a few  weeks later, so I committed to return to Memphis in a few weeks.

When Bruce was scheduled to leave the hospital at the end of June, a new apartment was necessary, so off I go to help with the move. Boy am I traveling. Within a few months I had put several thousand miles on my rump and vehicles.

As my traveling settled, I took some time to reflect on what I was doing, what I wanted to do, and what Judy and I had wanted to do. Judy and I had always loved traveling; although her failing health had made it harder. There were places I had always wanted to go. There were places I’d promised Judy in these last years I’d go when she got better. I decided it was time to see America and visit Israel.

I’m about to start serious travels…

Come along if you wish.


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